Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Fashion = Style Icon

Do you remember where you were when you saw the "If you had my Love" Jennifer Lopez video for the first time? Well, I DO! And from that moment on I've been a BIG fan. The girl is amazing and has such a knack with style.


Yup, I just watched it again and after all these years, it's still Freaking Cool!

I have to say, she is the real American Idol! I've always watched the show, but now I don't skip the intro any more because I look forward the seeing what she'll be wearing.

American Idol Promo [2011] Photoshoot - jennifer-lopez photo

I know I'm not alone in my admiration for her because if you do a google search for Jennifer Lopez you get 115,000,000 results.

So this post is my tribute to J.Lo. I love you, I admire your fabulous style choices, and I wish we were friends!!!

Just a little side note. After she became J.Lo, I became L.Mo. I'm not even kidding. That's how much of a fan I am.

Here's to you Jenny on the block...


That smile, that HAIR! Maybe I should rethink doing Lily Aldridge hair and try Jennifer Lopez hair instead. Hummmmm...


Even though I could never wear this, I love the way she knows what works for her and how to wear it.

Jennifer Lopez-BBC-021937.jpg
And her legs are amazing!!! Actually her whole body is amazing. She's an anomaly!

photo of jennifer lopez hot pictures

Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet Hairstyles

Hair up or down, she wears it well.

Jennifer Lopez Glamour Russia February 2011

Jennifer Lopez Glamour Russia February 2011

I had to include this picture. The girl knows how to move!

Jennifer Lopez-BBC-021899.jpg

Seriously, who looks like this? WOW

Jennifer Lopez - Straight Custom Made Hair System

JLO - jennifer-lopez wallpaper

Jennifer Lopez Fashion

Jennifer Lopez Bottom

Jennifer Lopez Dresses Fashion

Jennifer Lopez Dresses In Awards

Jennifer Lopez Dresses In Awards

Jennifer Lopez In Dresses

She's so glam! I love the way she marches to the beat of her own drum.

And did you know her fabulous style translates to her homes as well? Check this out...

Jennifer Lopez Home

Jennifer Lopez Home

I guess I should mention Mark Anthony since he is her hubby. I was one of the many who were thinking WHAT? I don't get it! But he recently did a guess spot on American Idol and I liked him in it.

He is in the same industry so I guess it makes since after all. They seem to be good for each other.

Jennifer Lopez Home

She makes a beautiful mother too

Jennifer Lopez Babies Pictures

They seem to have it all. Good for them! Way to live the American dream.

Jennifer Lopez Babies Pictures

Jennifer Lopez Babies Pictures

Being part Mexican myself, I really love this Latin family's lovely life!

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