Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Style (for now ;)

I've been finding some really interesting looks that I love, so I wanted to place them all in a post that I could keep referring to.

And I would love to hear from anyone out there that agrees or disagrees or that gets inspired or that is willing to share their exquisite style with me. I'm always open to great style information. It makes me so happy :)

Hope you enjoy...

I love both looks from head to toe

I really wish I owned a pair these jeans. And from what I can see, the whole outfit is rockin'.

I want, I want, I want! All of it! So great for spring.

I do have these babies and I love them! They are so flattering.


I love this purse but just saw that it's from Alloy. I bet it looks really cheap in person :(

Here's a fun look Drew's rockin' A new twist on a classic look.

The T back halter is great. I get really tired of the way a lot of bikinis start to hurt the back of my neck after awhile. FYI, it's from Victoria's Secret.

I would love to have this orange dress and I think I would fill it out a lot better than this model. It looks to big for her to me.

Another great boyfriend jean look

Very cute. Would have been perfect for today's weather.

This classic look is one of my favorites. I always feel sexy in a loose fitting top with jeans. And this model did a great job of looking the way I feel.

How could I resist wanting to look so long and slim. The hats cool too.

Michael Kors Spring!

So lovely!

Also great for spring

What a fabulous skirt! What fabulous everything for that matter!

I especially love this shirt and belt. The skirt is too young for me.

This is where comfort meets great style

Very nice! I love it. Wonder what shoes she's wearing?
This dress is also very exciting but I'm left wondering how long it is? What shoes did they style it with?

For me that's the mark of great style. Something that leaves an impression on me and keeps me hungry for more. Something that inspires me to get some retail therapy!

That's all folks! See you soon ;)

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