Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lily Aldridge hair Results

I had my hopes up for Lily hair, but since my appointment ended up being just two days before I went to Hawaii, we wouldn't have any time to correct anything that might have gone wrong. So Brooke and I decided together that we had better play it safe. That said, we did still turn the color up a notch and she weaved in bigger chunks of hair in the copper color.

Here's what we ended up with.

These pictures show how my hair color changes a bit in different lighting. If you look right where I part my hair in front close to the roots, it looks like more of a maroon red. That part was my fault. I have a dark red brown color that I use at home to touch up my grays in between hair appointments. I get them mostly on the left side of my head. Since I apply it directly to the gray roots I thought it was the same color as my own dark brown roots. I never could tell how red it was until I used it on top in the very front. What happened was we tried to place copper right in front where I part my hair. Lily has highlights up high just along the front in her hair. But when Brooke took out the foils, it looked bright orange on those pieces against my natural dark brown, although I did like it everywhere else. I didn't want to take up anymore of Brooke's time since she was doing my hair on her day off. So I said I would just fix it with my own color at home. That was a mistake on my part. But it isn't that bad. In some light you can't even tell at all. Like the next picture where I'm pulling my hair back.

I think that I should have just left it alone because copper always feels very orange to me at first, but after a couple of washes it fades out and I really like it. I just thought that with the photo shoot in 5 days I couldn't take the chance. It probably would have been perfect by then.

Oh well, like my Dad always said, "There's a lesson in it." I learned more about color and we still plan on going even lighter next time.

This is still the goal for me.

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