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Hawaii trip day 3 / The BIG Day!

Our day began at 4:45 in the am. Yes I said am. We had to be at the property in Punaluu by 6:00 am. So we started gathering our personables, the 4 bouquets Dolly made and all the food we bought to feed the crew for the day.

Mark wanted Summer to have Ashley ready with hair and makeup and fitted in a wedding gown by sunrise, so that gave them just over an hour. And I think they just barely made it!

Here's Dolly giving them a couple of bouquet options. Mark chose the flowers on the right.

I loved the drama in this picture. The property is stunning! And the girl isn't too bad either ;)

I couldn't decide whether I liked this picture better in color or black and white.

Here come's the sun. And it came up fast. Which is why Mark made sure everything was ready.

Again, I couldn't decide which I liked better. What do you think? Black and white or color?

Summer, Ashley and Mark
A peek behind the scenes.

In the soft morning light

Ashley was a natural with the dancing. She did take hula for 3 years after all.

Here's a backyard view of the actual house. The main house is on the right. It has 3 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, 1 indoor bath and an amazing outdoor shower just to the right of the back deck.

Isn't the shower cool? The dress is hanging from the shower head. And there are 3 small windows up high on the right where you can enjoy a breath taking view of the palms trees while you shower.

In the picture below behind all the action, you can get a better look at the outdoor shower and even see the 3 windows I was talking about.

Bree, Seek, Summer and Mark
I love all the behind the scenes pictures. I wanted to make you feel like you were there too.

Next up were Bree and Seek Hannemann. They actually are married, but don't they look like the perfect models for this shoot? They did such a great job. We really couldn't have asked for a more beautiful couple.

Dolly and I both worked on this vinyet. I placed the settee and flower pots. We pulled things together with very little time so I put bark under the orchids to give them height since I didn't have time to plant them. Don't you love the way the flower's pop against the green house color? Dolly did the table, cupcake plate and flower arrangement. I thought it all turned out really cute.

Mark and I deliberating over the flowers while I was on my way over to fix Bree's dress.

Another look behind the scenes. I had to hold Bree's dress down for the next picture because it kept bunching up on her rear end. Isn't it interesting what goes on the get the shot?

That's my ring Bree's wearing to make her hand look more delicate for the shot. I can see why it takes a whole crew of people to make things picture perfect. We all see things from a different perspective.

I did the styling for this picture in placing the pillows and flower pots. I had to improvise with the big container by putting 4 beach towels underneath 2 flower pots to give them the height I needed since I ran out of bark. These are the kind of solutions one comes up with when given only a few minutes to figure it all out.

This is me trying to create a path of rose pedals to the alter. The wind really started picking up so we didn't have long before it scattered the rose pedals around.

Mark always ended up on the ground at some point to get the perfect shot.

For this scene we started out with a large soccer goal that we planned on hanging the white curtains from. It wasn't coming together very well. So we scrapped the soccer goal when Mark had the idea to use the poles from his lighting equipment. It looked great until the wind blew it over. But that's nothing that a couple of cinder blocks can't fix. I had to wrap string around the curtains to keep them from blowing around too much, but it ended up looking even better. Dolly brought out some extra flowers and here's what we came up with. I thought it turned out stunning. Especially since we pretty much pulled this vignette out of our aces.

Another look behind the scenes. Dolly's throwing rose pedals as high as she can. Mark trying to get the picture before the wind blew them away. She ended up having to climb up on the latter you can see off to the right to get them high enough for the shot. I couldn't get a picture of that because I was holding the latter. The timing was tricky, but look how good it turned out.

Looks like a dreamy wedding to me. Wouldn't you want to get married here?

Summer deciding who will wear what

After a quick lunch break, Summer started outfitting all the models for the Scared Falls trail shots. Remember the hike we went on yesterday? That's where they headed out too. Climbing over 3 fences wasn't going to work in wedding dresses so they had to carry everything and change on the trial. We made sure everyone was wearing plenty of bug spray since they would be undressing in the jungle and bug bits would make it hard for the models to deliver the perfect picture. I actually got bit on my forehead. I always have an allergic reaction to mosquito's so within minutes I had a big bump right in between my eyes. Ashley had a lot of fun laughing at me for that. Luckily it wasn't before my photoshoot.

Bree trying on her next dress

Summer, Bree and Ashley getting to know each other better



Ashley wasn't going to be wearing a dress on the trail. Remember that white Ralph Lauren one piece I told you about?

You never know. Someone might want to be a Pamela Anderson type of bride. Doesn't she look great? How hard would it be to walk around in the jungle in just a swimsuit? You never know what's going to jump out of the brush.

Ashley was pretty nervous for these pictures mostly because she was the only one barely dressed. But I heard she did a great job. This is the only picture I have of her in the white swimsuit so far. I'll add more as I get them.


Bree and Jessica

Jessica, the hippie bride

Seek and Bree

Seek and Bree continue to deliver shot after shot. Their love for each other really comes through in the pictures doesn't it?

So that's a rap in the jungle.

I didn't get to go with the crew to document the jungle shoot because I had to style the upstairs bathroom. It was one of those times when I really wished I could be two places at once. But Dolly really needed me to get the bathroom ready. So I played designer again. I've found that I really enjoy being able to make the most out of what I have to work with. If I have too many options, or an unlimited budget, I don't know where to begin. My forte seems to be taking ordinary objects and making them work together to complete a room. How did I do?

As we were planning the trip Dolly had the idea to use me as a bride also since I would be there anyways. She thought they should use an older bride as well. At this point I didn't feel very pretty but it wasn't about me and I wanted to be open and said I would do whatever I could to help.

The shots do showcase a great place for the bride to get ready. There is so much natural light in the room, which makes it perfect for makeup application.

I thought over all it turned out pretty good.

Here's the only picture I had of the whole room. It really is such a lovely place.

On the other side of the shower wall there is a walk in closet. And just past the wall behind the director chair is the toilet area.

Summer really did my makeup downstairs. Here were just pretending. She just kept applying more and more gloss on my lips. It was pretty thick before we were done.

Look at the difference between a picture taken with my camera and Mark's camera. He had the right equipment on the right settings. All I ever do is leave it on auto and hope for the best. His best is definitely better than my best.

This picture was taken from the backyard upstairs deck.

My whole shoot only took about 20 minutes total. But Dolly was happy with the shots to use in her upcoming website. Phew!

I feel like this post is too long and the day still had so much more to it. So day 3 will have to be continued...

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