Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hawaii trip day 3 / The BIG Day! / part 2

Ok, I know I said I would have video in this post but I don't know how to make the kind of video clip I envision doing yet. It's become a huge mental block for me and I just want to blog! So here's how the second part of the day went.

Next up was surfing in wedding dresses. Ashley didn't have any experience there so she opted to go home to take a much needed nap. It was tempting for me to join her, but as tired as I was, there was no way I was going to miss documenting this next shoot. Plus, I knew Dolly could use my help.

Bree, Seek and Jessica would be the models in their wedding clothes. Dolly and I shot video and stills from the beach while Mark shot from in the water with the models.

Here's how it all played out...

Jessica, right before she headed out for the surf

and then she was the first one out to try surfing in a very heavy wedding dress

Jessica and Mark both in their element in the water.

This dress proved to make surfing very difficult. When it got wet the train got so heavy and would drag in the water. Jessica, who has mad skills on a surf board struggled in it even though she did get up! When we were done I had to carry the dress back to the truck. It was so heavy, my arms felt like they were going to fall off.

Next out were Bree and Seek. They also know their way around on a surf board, but getting up together on one board in clothes was quite the challenge.

Don't you think Mark chose a great profession? He's a photographer that lives in Hawaii. Why aren't we all that smart?

But they were good sports and their persistence paid off.

After a quick break they went back out on their own boards.

Wallah! Easy, breezy, and beautiful. Aren't they just fun to look at?

This picture is one of my personal favorites out of the batch I took.

After Bree and Seek were done, it was Jessica's turn to go back out. Bree helped her out of her dress and then traded dresses with her.

The girl in picture above on the right is Mark's daughter Ruby. I think this shoot made quite an impression on her.

I had to go help get Jessica out of the first dress too. Have you ever tried to take off a wet wedding dress on the beach?

I wonder what Ruby was thinking about all this.

Jessica grabs her board

and off they go.

Jessica had a much easier time in this dress.

Mark also specializes in under water photography.

Jessica after a hard days work. She's tired but still stunning!

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