Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hawaii trip day 3 / The BIG Day! / part 3

I forgot to mention earlier that while I had been styling the upstairs bathroom, Dolly was working on the outdoor shower. When Mark came back from the trail he took a few minutes to photograph the shower.

I've personally used this shower and I have to say, it's quite the experience! My family was fortunate enough to stay in the main house a few years ago. Corby and I slept in the bedroom right next to the shower. Sometimes at night we would shower under the stars. There is something truly magical about it and about the whole property for that matter. Dolly was inspired to acquire it and turn it into such a work of art!

After the surfing photo shoot we picked up Ashley and headed back to the green house to clean up. We met Mark there and as we started gathering things they realized that we didn't have any pictures to showcase the cupcakes Summer's friend had made specially for the shoot to help kick start her own business. I don't know what she's planning to name it or what her name is but the cupcakes were delicious!

Dolly put the cupcake plate together with extra flowers she had purchased for whatever the shoot might call for. I think it turned out great. She's so creative and it's impressive to know that she doesn't have experience with flowers and weddings, she's simply fearless and has a can do mentality. I love working with her!

Ashley was still asleep when we picked her up, but she wanted to come with us to help clean up, so when Mark asked her to pose with the cupcakes she regretted not even bothering to look in the mirror or having anything on hand to touch herself up with. By this point Summer was gone so she was totally on her own. All she could do was run her fingers through her hair a couple of times and go for it. Good thing she's a natural beauty! And a good sport!! Dolly and I were very impressed with how hard Ashley was willing to work without complaint. I predict that in time she'll have a huge career in the fashion industry.

After clean up we still had a Birthday party to go to. Ashley's cousin Tasia Orton was having a sweet 16 surprise party thrown by her parents. We promised we'd be there as soon as we were finished with our work.


Always smiling

Tasia's sweet 16 Birthday party

Her Grandparents gave her a coconut tree. A traditional gift for the 16th birthday.

Family picture time

Tasia and Ashley

Happy birthday Tasia, I hope it was wonderful. It was so great to see our Hawaii family and catch up with good food, a cozy fire and great people. Ma halo :)

After the party we went home and again collapsed. That night I slept so deep, I might as well have been in a comma.

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