Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hawaii trip day 4

Thank goodness for a day of rest! I got to sleep and sleep and sleep until about noon when Ashley and I went to church. When we got back I did some photo editing and then won a bet I had with Ashley about a wedding dress. This is how crazy her thinking is...

Remember the dress Bree was wearing on the Scared Falls trail? Jessica also wore it in the surfing shoot. It was the heavy, hard to surf in dress I talked about. Here's some reminder pictures.

Yeah, that's the one. Apparently it was hard for even these skinny girls to get into.

And out of, especially when wet.

But back to crazy Ashley. We had the dress at our house hanging up in the sun room to dry and thought that we might have Ashley wear it in a Punaluu beach bride photo shoot too. She didn't believe it would fit her because in her head she thought Bree and Jessica were smaller than her.

You remember Ashley right?

It's amazing to me how distorted ones thinking can be. I mean their all a size 0 for goodness sake. But regardless, it's a dress and usually a wedding dress can accommodate for more than one size. Anyways, Ashley bet me that the dress wouldn't fit her. I bet her that it would not only fit her but that it would fit me too. And I'm not a size 0!

Well just look who won that bet!

She got into the dress with ease. (Sorry I didn't get any pictures of her in it.) I tried it on after, with a little bit more effort. And since I went to the trouble and knew I wouldn't be wearing it again, I had her take some pictures of me in it. Mostly for Corby, I knew he would like them. But at this point I guess I'm sharing them with everyone. ;)

Later we planned on going to Dolly's green house to take pictures out by the fire pit since we didn't have time for that on Saturday. On the way Dolly noticed an open house sign out for a home that I really wanted to tour. It was beautiful to say the least! Their selling it for the bargain price of $4,950,000.

I really want to live here! If you want to see how great this house is click here. The friendly gentleman that gave us a tour of the home said I could take pictures but that they already had professional pictures online, so I didn't take any. That was a mistake on my part because I would have taken so much more than they have available. And while their pictures are of high quality, they do not do this piece of paradise justice!

After breathing the dream for as long as we could we still had a the fire pit shoot to do.

I love this picture. Isn't Dolly adorable?!

By the time we got a fire going, it was too dark to get a good picture. These pics are just some snap shots I got while we were getting the scene ready. Night fell on us so fast. But we did see a peacock in the tree behind us.

You win some and you lose some.

We went back to Bonnie's where she and Leonard had prepared a wonderful dinner to share with us. After dinner Dolly and I watched a movie called Temple Grandin that they highly recommended. I totally second their opinion. It's a must see! Claire Danes is brilliant in it.

Temple Grandin HBO

And that's it for day 4. Good night and I'll see you soon with day 5...

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