Sunday, December 4, 2011

More style inspiration

I'm having a lot of fun cataloging things I love. I tend to forget good outfit and room ideas, so here's what's standing out for me today...

This outfit is so me!

I love it when style looks effortless

Love it all! The hair, the dress, the belt, the shoes...

I couldn't resist this little guy either. What a cool ride! I better get one before gas prices skyrocket.

Drew with more pretty braids, but what's with the safety pin as an earring?

Perfectly messy. I love it!
And then there's Nicole. She always manages to do something stylish!
I'm lovin' the bling

Totally me!

Modern love


Now this is inspiring!

So much to look at, but not too busy. Good job!


I really want a pool!

Ahh summer, I miss you!

Again with the stripes, I know but they just work.

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