Sunday, December 4, 2011

These things inspire me

I've been browsing the web tonight and came across a few lovely inspirations...

You've done it again Martha! This picture makes me dream about summer nights.

The whole outfit is adorable. I wonder what shoes she wearing.

I want this dress! Can you tell I'm into stripes?

WOW! Ok, time to start working out again!

So lovely! I wish this were me in the picture. Or even just taking the picture. What a beautiful work of art!

A house without books is like a body without a soul.


Works for me!

The shirt is the bomb!

This is the kind of look I would wear 3 days in a row!

So cleaver

Now that's creative! Makes me want to be 10 again and have a sleep over.

This is a fun look. I love it!


I'm digging the loose braid look for all the in between hair washing days.

This look is really pretty too!

I've got to learn how to do this!

I'm so ready for the world to turn green again!

I want one!

Bring on Summer!

That's all folks! Goodnight...

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