Sunday, December 4, 2011

My everyday style picks for 2011

When it comes to style, I would say I'm definitely more conservative in my approach. Especially when it comes to color. I do branch out from time to time, but over all I gravitate towards classics, neutrals, and simple lines, whether I'm styling my home or my body.

Today I'm more focused on body styling. As I've browsed the latest looks, I decided to post a few looks that I actually agree with and would actually wear. Now that I'm a middle aged gal and I know what I want, my requirements are in form and function instead of being willing to compromise for one or the other.

Trend for 2011: An Oversize Sweater
Go for a neutral color for maximum closet longevity—layer over something hooded for weekend coziness.

Trend for 2011: Track Pants (Yes, Really!)
Track pants - Just make sure the fit is slim and that there’s one special detail, these for instance are leather. With preppy flats and a cute blouse, they’re a fresh fashion DO! The folks over at J. Crew have some really cute styling options for them too.

Trend for 2011: Wider-Leg Jeans
Wider leg jeans. If you want to get a jump start on spring’s biggest blues shape, here it is: the fuller-flare, seventies-inspired, but not quite bell-bottom jean. I love it because wider jeans are more flattering to my particular form. I feel like a lot of the skinny jeans that are being sold are absurd, meaning I want there to be a difference between my jeans and my tights!

best dos and donts year 2010 leopard print
I'm still in love with a pop of the leopard print. Just make sure you don't over do it.

GEMMA REDUX CHAIN photo | Jessica Alba
I've always admired the way Jessica Alba accessorizes. I find her looks very wearable. Probably because shes a mom.

JESSICA ALBA photo | Jessica Alba
Love the cover up!

JESSICA & HONOR photo | Jessica Alba
and the shoes are adorable!

So there you have it and hopefully you'll see me sporting these looks very soon!

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