Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hawaii trip day 7 / underwater photo shoot

Mark, Ashley and I went to the beach with Dolly's kayak. The plan was for me to video the shoot while Mark and Ashley swam around getting great pictures. Yeah right! If I didn't have to keep the kayak in just the right spot at the same time. The waves were a little on the fierce side for me to manage such a task, but here's a peek at what they got...

my personal favorite

How scared would you be to have gone this far under not knowing what lied beneath?

This picture looks like she's going to sink to the bottom.

I have to say, modeling isn't for wimps. While it might appear easy to be made up and have your picture taken, that certainly isn't the case. Can you imagine trying to take a beautiful picture while your underwater? Then add some salty water to that mix. Oh and you also have your photographer telling you to go as far underwater as you possibly can in the OCEAN with your eyes open! And then do it over and over again for about an hour and a half straight. She even had to change clothes in the water so we could get in as much as we could before she got too tired. Rowing back to shore would have been a waste of time and energy.

Oh, and then add your dumb mother singing the Jaws theme as you are getting into the water. (I felt really bad about that btw) It wasn't funny at all. She was pretty freaked out, but you wouldn't have known it. She worked like a pro. Didn't complain at all. I didn't even know she was scared until after we were done.

Ashley worked hard! I worked hard trying to keep the kayak in place. My arms felt like they were going to fall right off by the time we were done. But I know my job wasn't near as hard as hers.

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